North Arm Bailiffs Inc. is a licensed, bonded and insured Commercial Bailiff Company for the Province of  British Columbia, Canada specializing in the areas of;

Skip Tracing, Seizure, Recovery, Delivery and Secured Storage;

  • Marine (MOORAGE under the “Warehouse Liens Act”  or LOANS under the “Commercial Loans Act”) Commercial Vessels & Barges along with Pleasure Craft Boats.
  • Heavy Industrial, Commercial and Light Duty Equipment (“Commercial Loans Act”)
  • Tractor, Commercial and Fleet Trucks (“Commercial Loans Act”)

Commercial Walk-In Bailiff on behalf of Landlords and Lenders;

  • Commercial Tenant Leases for seizures under the “Rent Distress Act”, “Warehouse Liens Act” or “Commercial Loans Act”.

North Arm Bailiffs Inc. (“WWW.NABINC.CA”), serves Warrants, Notice of Seizures, Bailee’s Undertaking, changing of locks, removes assets, evicts and removes Tenants, makes arrangements for appraisals, advertising and public auctions.

Commercial Rent Distress actions give a Landlord or Professional Property Manager incredible power to enforce a Lease or a “Month to Month”  tenancy.

As a Landlord or Property Manager or Financial Lender/Underwriter you may enlist the Professional Services of a Bailiff to collect arrears of rent and/or loan payments. These services may be secured the day after the rent was due to be paid. So generally speaking if the RENT is due on the first day of the month – a Bailiff can be called to collect those arrears on the second day of the month.Consumer Protection BC 300